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Free Teamspeak Server

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sponsor guilds by giving out free servers?


How does this work?
It's simple if you want to get a free Ventrilo server. You visit and check the status of our available Ventrilo servers. You select the server you wish to reserve and press the "Reserve Now" button. You will then need to enter in a captcha code to prevent robots from automatically stealing servers. If no servers are available you should check back often because if a server is left unused it will be automatically reset and made available on the website.

In addition, we also make new servers available every hour if all of the servers are reserved in order to let as many people as possible get a Free Ventrilo Server during the day.

Once you have reserved a server you will have 4 hours before it's reset and made available on the website once again. During this time you will have full administrative rights to manage the server anyway you wish. This includes creating users, channels, changing settings, and banning users just as if it was your own server.

Our Free Ventrilo Servers are perfect for business use, gaming between friends, clans, guilds, and chatting between friends.

PLEASE NOTE: We want our Ventrilo servers to be used and enjoyed by everyone. So, we've implemented a status check for our free Ventrilo servers that will randomly check twice each hour during the 4 hour provisioning duration. If the server comes up with ZERO users connected during TWO of these checks, the server will be reset and placed up for grabs again. If you're not going to use it, please don't reserve it.


Are these licensed servers?
Yes, these are registered and licensed servers.


How long do I have the server for?
4 hours, unless we decide to change the time limit. No exceptions, it doesn't matter if you're in the best uber raid of your life.


Do I have full administrative control over the server?
Yes, you will have full control over the server.


I lost my server information, can I retrieve it?
Yes, put your confirmation code into the "Confirmation Code" box on the left menu and you can retrieve your server information including login details.


I lost my confirmation code, can you resend it to me?
No, we told you to write it down.


Help! I banned or locked myself out!
Tough luck, there's no support on the Free Ventrilo Servers. If you want a server with support, please check out at Bargain Voice.


Do you offer assistance or technical support?
No, the free servers come with no support. If you need support, the free Ventrilo servers are probably not for you. You will have to get a paid Ventrilo server if you need any form of support.

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